What Curlewis Golf club have to say about GolfBoard

"If you are looking for a dynamic marketing device, that brings people of all ages to your golf course, GolfBoard is for you.

GolfBoard is not only engaging new members and green fees players, it is bringing people back to the game who had become bored or struggled with the time it took to play 18 holes.
I regard GolfBoard as the most exciting golf innovation of my generation, as it single-handedly increases enjoyment of the game, improves pace of play and attracts a whole new market sector to golf."
Surf Curlewis - Surf the Earth – Surf a GolfBoard!
Brenden Caligari - Manager and GolfBoard Earth Surfer
Curlewis Golf Club The Bellarine


Finance Options for Commercial and Personal Use

Whether your goal is to own a fleet of GolfBoards or just have one for your private use, simply complete our getting to know you form or call 03 9563 2778. A GolfBoard rep will contact you to schedule an appointment to try a board, and then help you select the payment option or leasing terms that are best for you. 

Single Board Purchase

Buy your own GolfBoard now and be the first individual owners to enjoy surfing your local course, and without having to store and tow a trailer!

2-Board Test Program

Many course owners and their management teams are eager to experiment with GolfBoard before introducing a GolfBoard program.
Our 2 board test program allows golf professionals to experience firsthand what GolfBoarding is all about.

4-Board Introductory Program

The best way for golf course owners and management to see the contagious nature of GolfBoarding is to allow members and guests to check it out first hand. Once your course has its first 4 boards, you will quickly be able to gauge demand. Because we know that once your members experience GolfBoarding you’re going to want more boards.

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